Products and Services


Our products offer superior technology and come with the assurance that one process has been designed to complement the next, offering complete compatibility from wash to cure.


Most wash or coating companies cannot comfortably assure the success of their product over or under another company’s pre-treatment, primer, or top coat. We can.

We offer the following products and services:

  • Alkaline and Acid Cleaning Compounds
  • Sealing Compounds
  • Iron Phosphating Cleaning Compounds
  • Steam, Iron Phosphating Cleaning Compounds
  • Truck and Bus Wash
  • Water Based Coatings
  • Solvent Based Coatings
  • Rust Inhibiting Migratory Self Healing Metal Treatment
  • Laboratory Testing Services
  • Research and Development


Syncoat Chemicals (2017) Ltd. has been involved in developing finishing process solutions with industries such as transportation, cargo containers, tanks, agriculture, mining, automotive, and infrastructure since 1967. Our technologies make it easier to develop finishing processes from the forming stage of the part through to the packing stage. We cover the entire scope of your metal finishing needs.


Syncoat Chemicals (2017) Ltd.’s Primer Technologies are completely compatible with any of our products. We offer a variety of both solvent and water based technologies.